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Climate activists have been hoping that the core of fixing the fossil fuel problem would get figured out and just done. Hasn’t worked that way.

The activists have mostly dealing with the side effects of attempting to grow the fossil fuel industry tremendously.

Much of the growth being sought was via export from the US to Asia. Much of that isn’t going to happen. 34 projects along the west coast have been canceled instead of built.

Meanwhile we’ve slowly developed more idea about what solving the internal problems of Oregon might look like.

Oregon SB 1070, under the tutalage of Sen. Mike Dembrow and Rep. Ken Helm only got partly cooked in the 2017 full session. But, having gotten many distractions out of the way, Gov. Kate Brown, and a long list of representatives decided to support trying to pass it in the 2018 short session.

That necessitates having a lot of things work. The complicated bill needs to be polished to allow all of those affected by it agree that it deals with their needs.

At the top, the bill uses a Cap and Trade model much like California’s.

Using carbon fees, it will collect money that will be used for many aspects of making the transition to a green energy economy more beneficial to many Oregonians.